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This Caramel Cream Cheese Dip is THE BOMB DOT COM! I would rather have this over a caramel apple any day!! But I guess, I am a cream cheese frosting fanatic. In my family, everyone gets homemade cream cheese frosting on their birthday cake, and really all we want is the frosting lol. So if you love cream cheese frosting as much as we do, I guarantee you will love this dip! 


The spooky creatures are also insanely easy to make and super adorable. You will look like a crafting wizard of Halloween treats and it will only take you a mere 20 minutes. This is also a Halloween themed activity for kids since it requires no cooking – you may just need to help them with the incisions for the spider legs.  This is truly a treat the entire family (or office) can enjoy! It is perfect for your next Halloween Party =D

Grocery List:

Dairy Aisle: 1 Package of Low Fat Cream Cheese (OR Neufchatel Cheese) , Milk (all you need is a splash of it)

Baking Aisle: Vanilla extract, small package of Brown Sugar, Mini Chocolate Chips, Regular Chocolate Chips, Mini Marshmallows

Produce Aisle: 1 bunch Bananas, 2-3 Apples, 1 bag of Cutie oranges, Celery ( I used the scraps of celery from my other recipe for this, you don’t need much at all), 1 bag Green Grapes, Red/Purple Grapes for spiders (if desired- I snuck a few into my bag of green grapes since they were the same price, and I only need a couple to make spiders for decoration, if you want to make a lot of spiders, than get a small bag of them 😉

 Total Time: 20 minutes

Fruit Dip Serves: 8 (~2 Tbsp. Per Serving)

Fruit Serves…. Depends on how much fruit you buy 😉


8 oz Low Fat Cream Cheese (or Neufchatel Cheese)

1/3 cup Brown Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

Splash of milk or cream

Mini Chocolate Chips

Regular Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmallows

Cutie Oranges



Green Grapes


Red/Purple Grapes



For the Fruit Dip:

1. In a medium sized bowl, add cream cheese, vanilla and brown sugar. Mix until ingredients are completely combined. I use an electric hand mixer to make this easy and fast, but if you do not have one you can easily mix it by hand.

2. Scoop out the dip into a serving dish, leaving a very small amount in the bowl about 1/8 a cup of frosting. (Basically the amount that you would be scraping off the bowl with a spatula). Add a splash of milk (or cream or half & half- I only had half & half so that is what I used, but any milk or cream will work) to the dip remaining in the bowl and mix until a thinner dip is created. This should only be a slightly thinner consistency than the original dip. We want it thinner so it is easier to make designs with, but not too thin or else we cannot use it as “glue” for the spooky fruits. If you have made this too thin, add powdered sugar 1 Tbsp. at a time to thicken it. If it is not thin enough, add 1 tsp of milk at a time.

3. Once the desired consistency is achieved, spoon it into a small ziplock bag and seal it. (If you have a frosting piping bag, you can use that instead). Cut off a very small part of one of the bottom corners. It is important not to make it too big so that you can control how much dip comes out. This will be our homemade piping bag.


To Make the Spider Web Design:

Using the piping bag, place a dot in the center of your serving dish that has the dip in it. Next, make about 6-10 radial lines from the dot to the edge of the bowl, making them spaced apart so you can add the webbing. Now, make 4-6 slightly curved horizontal lines between the radial lines.

(Note* I did this a little differently in the video, I shouldn’t have made that second circle, but I fixed it by extending my radial lines through the second circle. The way I explain above is the easier road to take 😉 and makes for a nicer spider web.


For the Spooky Fruits:


Terrifying Teeth:

Slice apple into thin slices, remove any seeds and the stem. Place the apple slice flat on its side. Using the piping bag, line the curved edge with dip. Add mini marshmallows to make the appearance of teeth. You can add another apple slice on top if you would like so it looks like two lips or you can leave it as is, so it looks like half a jaw. If you would like to add the top layer of apple, line the curved edge of the Bosecond apple slice with dip and place it on top of the other slice. You can add a chocolate chip instead of a marshmallow to mimic a rotten tooth, or add a mini chocolate chip on top of a marshmallow to make the appearance of a filling.



Peel the bananas and slice them in half. You can use dip to adhere the chocolate chips or you can push the pointed end of the chocolate chips into the banana ( I find pushing them in to be the easiest). You can also use mini marshmallows for the eye with a chocolate chip in the center, or use the marshmallows as a mouth. To adhere the marshmallows, use a little bit of the dip as a “glue”. I have made a few different faces which can be seen in the video.


Creepy Eyes:

Wash and dry the green grapes. Add a little bit of dip and place a chocolate chip on top. I used regular sized and mini sized chocolate chips to make a variety of eyes.


Mini Pumpkins:

Take about 1/3 of one stalk of celery. Slice it very thinly, and make pieces that are approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. These are the stems for the pumpkins. Peel the cutie oranges and place one piece of celery in the center of the orange. Voila, a mini pumpkin!


Scary Spiders:

Make 4 small incisions on two sides of the grape and insert small pieces of celery (use leftovers from the pumpkin “stems”) to create legs. For the eyes, use the dip to make two small dots, and if you’d like your spider to have some “bling” like mine does ;), place a mini chocolate chip on the end of one of the legs, using the dip to make it stick.


Place all of your spooky creations on a serving dish with your dip and enjoy!

I am ONLY including the Nutrition Information for the Fruit Dip since the amount of fruit prepared depends completely on you! It is easy to find the nutrition information for the fruits online or with any fitness/food tracking app on your phone- I like “Lose it” and “My Fitness Pal”.

For the mini marshmallows and the chocolate chip, the nutrition information is on the package, and again depends on how much you chose to use and eat. But really, it’s Halloween- so chill! Relax a little, enjoy the holiday and don’t overly obsess over calories. Just do your best to resist eating the entire bag of chocolate chips….I know it’s not easy 😉

so here you have it….

Fruit Dip Nutrition Information Per Serving, ~2 Tbsp.

Calories: 105  Fat: 6  Carbohydrates: 11  Sugars: 10  Fiber: 0  Protein: 2


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