Hello! I am Rebecca, creator of The Balanced Spoons. I have worked in healthcare for 7 years and received my Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of California San Diego.

While at work, I am always struck by the overwhelming number of people who have preventable health conditions. Realizing that many people unfortunately associate healthy food with negative connotations, such as restrictions and bland flavors, I began a mission to use my cooking skills and education to change that paradigm.

In addition to working in the healthcare industry, I have taken courses on nutrition and the metabolism, which opened my mind to the healing power of food and exercise. It is amazing what our bodies are capable of when provided with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Through my recipes I will show you how easy, delicious, and filling it can be to eat a healthy and balanced diet. My recipes are sure to satisfy your taste buds, fill you up, and improve your health.

It is time to restore balance to our bodies through our plates. It is time to make this a healthier and happier world.



Contact me: [email protected]